June 30, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

Will it make sense if I tell you that I've felt like a real mom over the last few days?
Maybe it's the increased mobility.
Or cleaning up the soggy pile of puffs that congregates under the high chair.
Going swimming every afternoon with all the neighborhood kids.
Juggling the "work-at-home" and "mom" roles.
Or maybe it's just watching this little face grow and learn and change every single day.
Stop it, stop it! Let me see those dragon jammies.
Cruz and I went out for our morning run.
Apparently I dressed him as if he was in some Bob-stroller-based gang. 
It's tough in the streets! 
For those of you who have asked, here's some Mobile Cruz Footage!
He's pretty fast when he really gets going.

We love going swimming and we love it even better when Ashley and Rand come swimming with us!
Here we are, walking back to the house, all cozy in a puppy towel.
(Or maybe a bear?)
And finally, it's nighttime! 
Goodnight, Cruz-lovers!


  1. Too cute, the way he scoots around! I love the pics in the crib! The first one looks like a foreshadowing of Cruz licking something chocolate! Love and prayers, Auntie Beth

  2. His scooting cracks me up every time. He's like a little seal!


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