June 6, 2011

Books for Snarky Babies

Cruz has a book of baby faces. He enjoys babbling to his "friends" and sometimes giving them a nice chomp or two.
It's all love.

This is a "Begin Smart" book, which promises to be a "Book for Smart Babies."
Thaaaat's right.
The inside cover of the book suggests that "Babies are more than cute and engaging."
That's right! They are also a delightful source for chub-nibbles.
I mean, "they have amazing brains."
The book goes on.
"Talk to your baby as you show her the faces in this book. Say whatever comes to mind."

This baby looks kind of annoying.

This baby kind of looks like your cousin Julia.

Overall and a mullet? Who do you think you are, AC Slater??

Bad news-- this baby already needs a comb-over.

I like this girl's style. Let's be friends with her.

Yup, I think we're doing a great job "building a brain for a lifetime of learning."

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