June 25, 2011

Before College

So we've talked about this before, I think.
I like it when things are on time and as expected. 
I certainly don't like to be behind, especially in this parenting gig.

Cruz is not crawling yet. 
Although he is pretty close.
I would be lying if I didn't admit that when Cruz is not crawling and other babies are crawling, I get a little flutter in my stomach.
Is it my fault?
Did we fail to do enough tummy time when he was an infant?
Ok, he's definitely mobile on the army-crawling-front, so putting something tempting in front of him (dog, cell phone, Wii) hasn't produced any real crawls.
(Sometimes he does a kangaroo-style hop with both legs that is way cuter than crawling. I could settle for that.)
To calm my competitive spirit, I've had to resort to my parenting mantra:
No One Goes To College Still _______
And yet...
I want the world to see what I see in my baby-- Cruz is awesome! He's the best! And I'm a good mama! (Contrary to what strangers may think-- I'm looking at you Albertson's Lady Who Thought Cruz Should Be Wearing Socks in California in Summer. Also, be my guest trying to keep them on.)
So I've thought about helping him.
But how? Getting behind him and moving his legs?
Showing him videos of babies crawling?
Crawling alongside him?
(None of these methods work by the way, I will just save you the time.)
But really, really this is Cruz's figurative and literal journey. 
He needs to figure out mobility on his own.
I need to step aside and allow that to happen. 
Because look-- he's practically ready for college now!
Well, just as soon as he figures out that books are more than just snacks. 

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