June 13, 2011

Things I Am Thinking About This Morning

How does Cruz know that it's time to crawl? I am teaching him absolutely nothing about this process, and yet he gets closer and closer to full mobility every day. 
Not that he isn't awfully mobile.
If you have a cord out, he morphs into the fastest roller in the West!

I don't have a very snuggly baby. He loves to be held, but only as long as you let him use you as a human jungle gym. Also, if you have strings hanging off your sweatshirt or any kind of jewelry, he will spend as much time in your lap as possible.
Now, myself? I love a good cuddle.
So my favorite favorite favorite is when Cruz falls asleep in the car and I get to carry him into the house and up to his crib. 
That, my friends, is a great snuggle.

My mom visited us over the weekend. Cruz was on his most charming behavior. 
Success! We have her convinced that we are great parents.
Two minutes after we drop her off at the airport, he screams for 45 minutes. 
Come back, Mom!

Does your eight month old eat a lot of solid food? Mine does. I fear that I am overfeeding him! My day revolves around food. 
Sample schedule:
6:30am Nurse
7:00am I scarf down breakfast as I am starving from trying to sustain a chunky baby.
7:30am Cruz eats bananas and oatmeal.
(By the way, when I first wrote that, bananas had far too many 'a's and 'n's, but I considered leaving it because I don't really care for bananas and how they feel)
10am nursing again
11am oh boy does he need a snack-- applesauce or pears
1pm nursing
4pm nursing
6pm boy howdy it's dinner time and that means sweet potato, squash and applesauce
7pm bedtime nurse
I feel as though I am constantly feeding him, preparing food to feed him, washing up from feeding, or feeding myself so that I don't starve from feeding him.

Sometimes when Cruz is protesting whatever cruelty I'm subjecting him to (ie: putting on a shirt), I have to tell him, "Cruz, mommy is in charge."
This is just as much for my benefit as his. 

So being a mom can be hard. Ok, this is probably not news to anyone who is actually a mom. Not the actual mom-parts, but the financial hardship and the loss of freedom to do whatever I feel like doing. I miss hanging out with my girlfriends spontaneously. I miss wearing necklaces. I miss putting on an outfit that isn't chosen for maximum nursing access.
But then I put 19 pounds of baby chub into the bath and see his utter fascination as he watches water pour from a cup into the tub. 
Pure delight.
I am right where I want to be. 


  1. Oh my goodness! He looks like a little boy and not a BABY boy in the picture with your mom... Mr. Cruz-man, you're growing up too quickly for your Auntie Co's liking! xxoxox

  2. Pretty picture of your Mom. Looking at the last picture, I can almost smell that clean baby smell! Love, Aunt Beth


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