June 15, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

Morning in Cruzville is earrrrly.
Good thing it's also cute.
This is one of my most favorite pictures so far.
How sweet are those chocolate brown stripes?
Love those blue Bunz!
Ok, I am a fanatic about good customer service. FuzziBunz has been incredible. They always respond to my email questions, and when one of our diapers had a problem, they exchanged it immediately.
Thank you, FuzziBunz!
Baby Wonder. That is some pure love.


  1. I actually see a little of your smile and face in that first picture, Becca! Man, does that little boy know how to smile for the camera. He's so cute. Love,Chrissy

  2. That picture in the brown sailor suit IS the BEST! It's classic, timeless gorgeous! Love, Aunt Beth

  3. Chrissy, don't you worry; to get one great picture, I take at least ten shots. I go to extreme measures to get a picture of him looking directly at the camera. I'm starting to see more of my side of the family in him as well. So fun!

    Aunt Beth-- I've definitely been saving that outfit for a Wednesday!


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