June 21, 2011

Guest Post: Confessions of a ...

A few weeks ago? Months? I did a guest blog post for my friend Emily. 
And now we return the favor.
Here's Emily!
You will notice, please, that she is hilarious. Want more? Check out her blog, 

Becca recently asked me to write this guest post. At first I thought “How nice!” then I thought “Hmmm…I don’t know what I would want to write about.” But then I realized that the email itself provided all the inspiration I needed. Here it is:

It is summer and Eiley will be here soon. I think you should write a guest post for me before she arrives. :P It does not have to be about being pregnant. Or being a mom. It can be about living in Virginia, being married to an actor, working at a Christian college, having long legs.... you get the picture. I just want to share your voice!!Will you think about it? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top? -Becca

And here’s my blog post:

EMILY BECCA! Are we shouting at each other enthusiastically or what?! I LOVE IT!

It is summer I know! I keep getting “True to Your Heart” from Mulan in my head because it seems to always be 98 degrees here lately. This would be a bearable temperature if not for the 139% humidity. And Eiley will be here soon. You’re right. She’ll be here in less than a month. I am completely unsure if I’m excited to meet her and to perhaps eventually be comfortable and have more than four outfits that fit again or if I would prefer her to stay inside where she is easy to care for and quiet. Oh how I’ll miss the quiet. Plus I don’t really want to go through labor. I think you should write a guest post for me before she arrives. Okay, I’m on it. :P Ah, a lesser used emoticon – the smiley face with the tongue emerging playfully from the mouth. I prefer the :), but yours is nice too. It does not have to be about being pregnant. Good, because I’m all tapped out on that subject. Or being a mom. Also good, because I have no idea about being a mom yet. I’m going to need to consult Eiley for a while before I have comments on that subject. You and Zoe sure make it look easy though. Thanks for that. It can be about living in Virginia I hate Virginia. Some of the people are nice, but most of them aren’t actually from here, so I still hate Virginia. Being married to an actor I love being married to an actor. I get to go to shows all the time. For free. And he is required to look good for his job. And since he has to know how to access his emotions for his job, he tends to be more sensitive in real life. It helps that I’m married to a talented actor who tends to do things I enjoy watching. If he wasn’t talented, things would get awkward fast. It also helps that he would like to be a theater professor because he’d like a little more stability than living job to job as an actor (and, you know, because he loves teaching and is good at it). I appreciate this. Working at a Christian college I have done this for almost five years. I love it! The only downfall is when people call in looking for a free education and get upset that it’s not free because they think Christian = free stuff. Like these regionally accredited universities must be run by volunteer professors. Silly people. Having long legs This is an important issue in the world today. While there has been a recent rise in the availability of affordable jeans with longer inseams, there is still a great shortage of pants available to behemoths like me. I am grateful for skinny pants being in fashion, as those look completely fine when they hit me at or above the ankles, but I do still dream of a world where there are more options available – where I could consider a wide leg trouser or a straight leg chino without fear of people asking me about a flood. (I’m talking to you, my favorite store, Target.) …you get the picture. I just want to share your voice! Well, that is so nice, thank you!

Will you think about it? I did. Please? I did! Pretty please with a cherry on top? Again, I did. However, if you need to convince me to do something with ice cream toppings in the future, may I make some alternate suggestions: miniature gummy bears, sour gummy worms, strawberries, or caramel. I really don’t like cherries.

-Becca This was fun. Lahve, Emily


  1. And that pic really puts the sour gummy worm on top! (get it?)


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