June 22, 2011

It's Me, Eight-Month Old Cruz

What's up, world? It's me, eight-month old Cruz!
I'm here to check in and tell you all about being a Big Boy.

{My mom would like to warn you that this is not a picture heavy post because I am too wiggly to take good (read: still) pictures sometimes.}
Yeah, of course, woman, I gotta MOVE! 
These rings aren't gonna chew themselves.

Here's a list of things that I like:
sweet potatoes
going outside
old ladies
army crawling
books with texture
sweatshirt strings
VeggieTales songs
visiting with all my Grandparents
Abby the Dog

Here are some things I don't like:
green beans
not seeing my mom
when my banana doesn't get to me fast enough

If you are a lady sitting near my high chair at a restaurant, I guarantee that I will bat my eyelashes at you.
Are you standing in front of me? Do you have a tempting dangly shoe lace? I am coming for it-- FAST.
Life is pretty good! In the next month I have high hopes of actually crawling, biting my mom with my many many teeth (four going on five!), weighing at least 20 lbs, and finally getting my hands on the dog's bone.

A big open-mouthed drool-y kiss to you!

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  1. How do you do it, Cruz? Each month you get even cuter! Love, Auntie Beth


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