November 2, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

Good morning, Wednesday!

We started off our morning with a striped round of peekaboo.

It was kind of cold today (ie: mid-60s) so Cruz wore a sweatshirt that I've been dying to show you.
But first, nap time!
The way my kid sleeps absolutely cracks me up. 
But he was pretty grumpy when I woke up him,
so we headed to the backyard for more outdoors time.

Watching the airplanes...

I just love this vintage lions sweatshirt. Such a prepster.

After a meal, I just strip him down and let him loose!

So sleepy in his baseball jammies

love love love to you all!


  1. OMG he's too adorable. Kids are a blessing : )

    xoxo aley

  2. thanks, aley!! i agree-- absolutely a blessing.

  3. I just found your blog and feel like I'm reading the story of my house! You gave me a good laugh!

  4. aw, thanks, t! motherhood can be so universal, right?


comments make my day. xo.

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