November 30, 2011

One Thing He Wore On Wednesday

darlings, it was just one of those wednesdays.
like, the really, really good kind.

the kind that starts with a walk along the beach with a new, dear friend and her bouncing baby boy.
while the sun beat down on us and homeless men made awkward propositions in our direction, we talked about being women, finding our identity in motherhood, marrying young... dreamy.

before we met up, i snapped a few pictures of cruz in one of his adorable birthday outfits (thank you judy and anna-grace!). 

after our walk, i went to work for a few hours, then rushed off to a fun, fun playdate with other MOPS mamas, and rushed home again to attend a reception at the bacara.
(the awards ceremony was in the very room where tovi and i first held hands-- how's that for some family history?)
accomplishment of the night: i wore high heels for the first time since colette's wedding!
and once again, the parentclick team was the last to leave the party. love. it. 

truth be told, i have no idea of what jams cruz is wearing right now because tovi put him to bed while i schmoozed and ate chocolate cake. (another guest: you ate the whole piece! me: um... yes). 

it was one of those days that made me want to say yes! to everything that came across my plate and feel so filled up and blessed by the life we've chosen.
this difficult, financially precarious life is filled with love and laughter and precious friends and family.
and sometimes chocolate cake and high heels in fancy ballrooms. 
yes yes yes. 

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