November 14, 2011

today while you napped

here's what i did this morning while you were napping:

  • caught up on the duggars. here's {my opinion} as of today: you go, girl. i may not want to spend my entire life pregnant (personal choice!), but mama duggar, you seem to be doing just fine. your kids are well-behaved, cheerful, independent, and manage to find a plethora of long skirts in a mini-skirt era. you're obviously doing something right and who am i to judge that? as for people who say it's unfair to the older kids? let me tell you, being bummed that you have to babysit your younger siblings is a first world problem, sister. 
  • bought my ticket for the breaking dawn premiere on thursday. yup, thaaaat's right. now, in real life i am wholeheartedly on team jacob. to me this is the same as being on team pacey and team ac slater. (right? anyone else feel me on this?) i like 'em tall, dark, handsome, not overly romantic, killer sense of humor (hm, sounds familiar...). but when it comes to twilight, i am firmly team edward. i'm also team peeta. also team inconsistent. 
  • wait! isn't that an interesting male media phenomena? blonde guy = perfection, unattainable, romantic. brunette guy = boy next door, buddy-you-never-pictured-yourself-with. oh hollywood. will you never learn?
  • shower + curled my hair. huge achievement over anything i did last week. for the record, i am not wearing yoga pants for the first time since november 6th.
  • caught up on some emails
  • watched the hunger games trailer like five times. can't. wait. 
  • did a load of laundry. we have a new washer/dryer and i would make out with it. besides actually cleaning our clothes, another huge improvement over the old is that instead of a deafening beep at the end of the cycle, our new washer plays a little song. this is awesome AND always makes me think my phone is ringing. 
  • and then you woke up! happy monday baby.


  1. Agreed. Edward is not that sexy, but despite his perfect abs Jacob is clingy and annoying. Therefore, I don't love him. Similarly, Peeta is also not as sexy... but also not as clingy. Can you tell I don't love clingy?
    Team Edward/Team Peeta for life!

  2. my heart just skipped a beat at the word pacey. thank you for that. i had forgotten all about him.

    i love this post. i think i may copy it.

    and have i mentioned how much i love YOU and your personality? i love coming to your blog, because i am guaranteed a laugh each and every time. and i am pretty sure we are sisters separated at birth. just saying.

  3. Anna... Clingy is not sexy. Also, I am not attracted to RPatz, but am attracted to Edward. So I guess that means I'm more attracted to fictional characters? This is getting weird. :)

    Tara... so true. SO TRUE. It's cruel that we live so far apart.

  4. this gives me hope for the future.. napping just happens in my arms right now which i LOVE but means I don't get much done all day. :).. besides the most important thing of course- loving on little A.


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