November 10, 2011

best friends, lauren conrad, and being sick

we have been holed up in our home sick sick sick for the last few days.
but today we are not sick
or at least less sick.
so it's time to do stuff! 

like disinfect every. single. thing. in the house.

or try new hairstyles.
yes, much better.

when i was a new mama, my best friend andrea came to spend the week with us.
it was magical. exactly what i needed.
(many, many snacks were involved)

cruz was five or six weeks old and i was still incredibly fragile, emotionally, and so nervous to parent in front of someone. 
like, what if he was really fussy or pooped a lot or some other normal baby stuff??

(side note: i felt very, very anxious during my pregnancy and first few months of cruz's life. that is a post for another time, but i would like to give new-mama-me a hug and then just tell her to chill out)

but best friends are best friends for a reason and andrea had the most brilliant idea ever to watch four seasons straight of the hills while we stuffed our faces with snacks for three days. right? i know. i know! keeper.

here's something else andrea and i used to do. 
we would watch the hills religiously even though we lived far apart.
we'd each be on our laptops, g-chatting hilarious snarky thoughts about the show.
(this was before, twitter, y'all! we would have killed it on twitter)

so all that to say that i have a soft spot for lauren conrad, who has gotten substantially cooler since leaving the show.
when i needed something to brighten up my post-sick day, i turned to her new website, The Beauty Department, and tried out her blow out guide.
i have super high maintenance hair and no other blow-out how-to has ever tamed these frizzy locks or gotten rid of the volume on its own. i always have to use my flat iron, a mound of hair products, etc, etc.
so thank you, lauren!

i already feel better about my day. even if i'm still spending it in my sweats. real clothes tomorrow!


  1. I can't believe that was a year ago! And you don't need to worry about your parenting skills in front of us non-moms... We don't really know what you're supposed to be doing either! you looked like you were a fabulous mom from the get go to me! glad you're feeling better pal :)


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