November 20, 2011

weekend rules

when two parents work from home, weekends are a little funny.
it's easy to make them seem like regular days-- some work, some play. 
but it's important to make room for special moments and for keeping the weekends set apart.
we're developing a nice little weekend routine around here.

+ Seven weekend words that are the key to a long, happy marriage: You sleep in. I'll get the baby.
So. Hot. 

+ While Tovi works with some clients, Cruz and I make waffles. Well, I make them, he eats them. Or throws them on the floor. (Whaaat? Whose boy is this?)

+ On this particular weekend there may have been some excessive Twilighting while Tovi was gone. Like watching Breaking Dawn and Twilight, reading New Moon, and looking up pictures online. I am thirteen. 

+ Play! We play so so much. I love taking Cruz and Abby to the park and letting them loose! They both play hard and I'm still picking wood chips out of their toes/paws.

we also did a lot of drooling

+ We put the babe to bed, settle into the couch with Ben + Jerry's and watch movies. This weekend: The Adjustment Bureau (pretty interesting) and Twister (love me a bad disaster movies).

what are your weekend rules?

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