November 25, 2011

What He Wore on {Thanksgiving}

Cruz must have mixed up his holidays.
Thanksgiving, unlike Christmas, does not come any faster if you get up early.
All getting up early gets you is a Mama feeling slightly less than thankful. 

Do you see how dark it is? It is before 6am. 

So thankful for this turkey butt.

And for these goofballs.

We spent Thanksgiving with both my parents and Tovi's parents! What a treat. Cruz will be bored beyond belief when next week comes and it's just me and him bumming around the house.

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with more love, laughter, and pie than you could stand.


  1. I love how Cruz and Tovi are making that same silly smile face in the photo above you with Cruz. SO CUTE. Happy Thanksgiving, Becca! Love, Chrissy

  2. Too cute! Just wait for Christmas.

    Loved your comment on the CT blog!

  3. Thanks, Susan. :) There was just oh-so-much I wanted to say... maybe a post for another time?


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