December 3, 2011

saturday roundup

after a crazy week, we got to enjoy a lovely little saturday together. 
as you'll notice, there was a lot of waffle-eating involved. 

cruz is learning how to share. learning. 

oh you want some?

just teasing. 

i don't know what the deal is, but we are always freezing in our house. 
the heat is on, we're wrapped up in blankets, and wearing sweats.
still freezing. 
to warm up, tovi decided that we should go for a family run. 
on the way home, we stopped by albertson's for an industrial-sized container of aquaphor because this under-the-chin-drool-rash one of us has going on is out of control. 
(i'm not going to name names but you know who you are)

snuggle in bed with mommy and then we were all about Team Nap.

slowly but surely, christmas decorating is happening around here!
cruz spent the afternoon pointing at the ball ornaments and asking, "bubble?"

then, in a brilliant mom move, i discovered that cruz loves to eat peas because they're "bubbles."

he picked all the peas out of his macaroni and gleefully cried "bubble!" before cramming each one into his mouth. he wasn't as excited about the macaroni so someone (not naming any names) had to help him out there. 

hope you had a great saturday! 
and ps-- if you have a great drool-rash solution, will you please share?? 


  1. Maybe if I think of them as bubbles, I'll finally like my peas!

    Cold is a matter of perspective...
    Maybe a Christmas in Indiana would make you feel warm and cozy?!

  2. We're wimps! Today our pastor talked about how he and his wife jog from room to room during the winter to stay warm. :) Our blood must run way thinner in California.

  3. Clearly it is essential that Cruz be brought to Indiana for Christmas to ensure that he doesn't grow up to be a "wimp" :)
    We would all feel warmer and cozier with you here!


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