December 14, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

Woo hoo! I feel like Cruz is learning new words everyday.
Oh dear, I feel like Cruz is learning new words everyday.

This morning I was sitting by the Christmas tree, reading my devotions, when someone yelling,
"Mommeeeee! Up! Up! Up!"
interrupted my lovely moment. 

A sign of things to come.

{okay, all kidding aside, I totally love it and nerd out over every new word he learns}

How great is this color combination?
Pumpkin, navy, brown, and yellow-- someone should definitely Pinterest an outfit for me with this palette. 

yes, that is the dog's bone

I chose this picture of Cruz's outfit because not only is it darn cute but get a load of those eyelashes!

When Cruz goes outside he likes to sweep. Helpful!

Want to see what happens when you take the broom away? 

Tovi and I just burst out laughing! We couldn't stop! Poor baby boy was so mad at us. 
But all is forgiven when he finds his puppy before bedtime. 


  1. Oh, Burke is in that stage right now too! We gave him a clothespin, and then took it away and he LOST it! Glad to see we're not alone. :)

    PS. LOVE the color combo! So stylin'!

  2. Wait? He said mommy?? That's got to mean you, right??!! :)

  3. Annemarie... these temper tantrums crack me up. Let's hope I can keep my sense of humor about them for the next few years! I should also be clear- we tried to trade the broom for a *present.* Guess we'll know better next time, ha!

    Anna... He says mommy! It's a new trick and I think it means me (finally).

  4. not-so-little baby Cruz: How I wish I could be there in person to hug you and show you just how much this auntie loves you!

    The tantrum picture just happens to look like he is having an outburst at the owl--I love that!

  5. I love "stripey" Cruz and I love "angry" Cruz! I just love the total Cruz package. Love, Aunt Beth

  6. Hannah... I wish you were closer too! Your three are to die for.

    Aunt Beth... love your comment!


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