December 27, 2011

fa la la la la

tovi's side of the family comes to visit every other christmas.
it's such a great time of fellowship, long lingering meals, walks on the beach, stories of growing up.
i have loved getting to know this side of the family during christmastime.
over the last few years, we've had a ladies brunch at my house after christmas. 
i cook, they chat, aunt tracy brings all her card making supplies for us to play with. 
lovely, right?

this year i had woefully underplanned.

on chrsitmas evening, i took cruz home early, put him to bed, and leapt into brunch-planning-action. 

i may have been curling my hair and pulling eggs out of the oven when the guests arrived, but it all came together!

lesson learned: never let a short deadline stop you from serving waffles to the ones you love.


  1. I am so impressed you pulled that off a day after Christmas. Seriously.

  2. And there are even cute little name tags for your food items?! So impressed. And you act like you're not all crafty and creative... you totally are!

  3. Lesley and Anna... thank you!! I think motherhood (and stay-at-home-ness) has inspired a level of creativity I never knew I had. If we ever have a writers weekend (aka, dream come true), I'll cook you waffles every morning.

  4. It was a wonderful brunch, Becca! So much fun!

  5. everything looks so amazing!! great job!! and those egg nests look so yummy, is the recipe somewhere i can find?

  6. i found the egg nests on pinterest (of course). they were super easy to make. thanks, tara!!


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