October 22, 2011

How to Change a One Year Old

I remember when we were still in the hospital, I was afraid to change Cruz's diaper. He was so small and what if he moved?
I think Tovi handled all diaper changes for the first two weeks. Like a champ.
But soon it was just Cruz and I at home and we figured it out. 

But turning one is a game changer
and the old rules of diaper changing no longer apply. 
Here are some helpful tips, from me to you.

1. Have you ever watched some poor mother change her wiggly baby? Maybe the baby was standing up? Arching his back? Did you think to yourself, my baby will never do that? I'll be awesome.
Let's pause right here and throw those thoughts out.
You will be that mom. 

2. Now that we've disabused ourselves of those old notions, it's time to talk about safety.
We live in a very safety-conscious society.
For example, our stroller was recently recalled because there was a flap of fabric on the canopy that some enterprising babies were able to rip off and put in their mouths.
It took me about two seconds to remove the fabric, but I got to thinking:
If I petitioned for a recall of every item my child put into his mouth that was not baby-friendly, it would literally be a full-time job. 

We were talking about diaper changing?
Diaper changing pads come with a safety strap.
I suppose you snap it on and the baby stays on securely?

I like to play a game in which I strap Cruz in and then count how many seconds it takes for him to flip around and struggle off the pad.

One one thousand...

3. Which brings me to the next point:
Girlfriend, improve your reflexes!
I have literally snatched Cruz out of the air as he dive-bombed the floor.
It was traumatic and hilarious at the same time.

4. Clear yo' schedule. 
Chasing a half-diapered baby down the hallway? You can't rush that magic. 


  1. I LOVE the impish look on that adorable face!!!

  2. HA! One of my favorite posts Becca! I can't believe that one day I will have to chase Brooklyn down in order to get her changed. But hey it'll burn more calories that way, right?

  3. @Nancy... he *knows* he's up to something in that picture. I couldn't believe I actually caught that look!

    @Megan... Thanks! Before I change Cruz I usually shut all the door upstairs except his own so that at least he'll stay corralled. Oh the things we mothers do that we never expected to... :)


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