October 29, 2011


Cruz keeps picking up new words, and it occurred to me the other day that I should write these down. 
In no particular order:

Uh-oh... Cruz used this word indiscriminately at first, but since he likes to throw and drop everything, we've had many, many, many opportunities to practice it and now he uses "uh-oh" in context. Ok, in context about 50% of the time. 
Whoa... this word is the ladykiller. It is charming and full of wonderment. Just imagine hearing "whoaaa" in front of you in the grocery line. You would die! He sounds exactly like a little surfer dude. 
Oh... this word is best used during our "Single Ladies" sing-a-longs. Oh oh oh, oh oh oh. 
Mama... this does not mean Mama, it means more. In his tiny baby brain, he has associated "mama" with giving him stuff. This is not a good precedent. 
Dada... yes, good for you. He says "dada" perfectly.
Nya... this means no. How did he learn this word? Why is he not repeating all the positive messages I give him? 
Bubba... we call him Bubs and Bubba around the house, so it's pretty cute that this is one of his first words. 
Ball... this is a helpful word for playing with Abby.
Vovo... Vovo is Portuguese for 'Grandpa.' My kid is bilingual, yet refuses to say 'mama.' I tell you..!
Nana... banana.
Nini... Auntie Ani.
Coco... Auntie Colette. (The rest of you need names that are easier to pronounce, I guess)
Dahdee... doggie.
Aaaabba... Abby.

I will tell you this, my baby loves words and books and it couldn't make me more proud.


  1. Cute! It makes me happy to see any kid with books! Love, Aunt Beth


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