October 7, 2011

a couple of best friends

Bringing something or someone new into your home is terrifying and exhilarating, all wrapped up in one.
Deciding to bring a 12 week old puppy into our newlywed nest was exciting, quickly followed by
what have we done?
We couldn't be as free and easy as we'd been.
Now we had something to go home to.
Something that needed to go out in the middle of the night.
We couldn't just leave for the weekend on short notice.
And to top it off, we had willingly introduced poop-scooping into our lives.
It's a good thing she's cute, we said to each other in exasperation.

But then Abby became the sweetest pup to ever be man's best friend. 
Loyal and friendly. Playful and snuggly. We couldn't have dreamed up a better dog.
So what did we do?

We upset the balance.

We brought a baby into the equation and for awhile, we thought we had destroyed it all.
For many months, the babe and the dog ignored each other, and everything was peaceful.
Abby was walked less, and that hurt our hearts, but we knew that someday it would get better.

Then Cruz began to notice Abby.
And I mean really notice her.
The second he was mobile, all he wanted to do was love on our dog.
By love on, I of course mean, chew on her leg, pull her hair, gouge out her eyes.

She would lay on the ground, plaintively looking up at me.
She became lethargic and mopey. She started sleeping in new corners of the house in an attempt to get away from the baby.

I was terrified that we had lost our darling puppy.
What had we done?

I don't know when it happened, but one day I caught Abby licking Cruz's face.
He giggled and tried to run away.

Later, she brought him a toy and he tried to eat it.

Slowly but surely, they have become best friends.
Proving that what was once terrifying, can become lovely.

{Lovely, and also germ-infested. Yes, they are sharing a paci.}


  1. Face licks and paci sharing are totally bonding for the baby and the dog... at least that's what I keep telling myself :)

  2. i can't WAIT for eiley and buster to be BFF. cute overload.


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