October 17, 2011

Cruz Justin is Turning One!

Let's be honest, I have been planning this birthday party for for-e-ver.

A few months ago, I started tossing out theme ideas to Tovi. Then we had the following conversation:
Me: I think we could do a circus or carnival theme. Something vintagey. With animals.
Tovi: Yeah, but what does Cruz like?
Me: Um... the dog?

And Puppy Birthday Party was born.

I had big ideas, detailed ideas, ideas that got tossed at the last minute.
Throughout the process, I had to be mindful that this party wasn't about looking good or perfect or detailed.
It was about Cruz (hello!), celebrating our first year as parents, and thanking the incredible friends and family that have supported and encouraged us during his first year of life.
And in the end, the party felt like the perfect intersection of time, creativity, fun, budget, and Pinterest.

The Details:
pictures of Cruz from 1-12 months

birthday printable via eighteen25.blogspot.com

dog bone-shaped sugar cookies
cupcake toppers-- this is probably the pinnacle of my creativity!

dessert table
The People:

Thanks guests! You all matched the party perfectly!

Auntie Em and Cousin Andersen came to visit

Birthday boy and Uncle Jorn



The Birthday Boy:

Making a wish

So unsure about the cupcake, but I like the face-first style

Love these boys!!!!

We are beyond thankful to our friends and family who came to celebrate with us! We had a blast with you and hope you did too. 


  1. I want to "like" every single picture but this isn't facebook! Your work certainly paid off pal! It was a fantastic birthday party!

  2. you did a fabulous job, mama!!!!


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