August 17, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

Wednesday Friends, Cruz and I are back after being Down For The Count over the last few days.
Needless to say, this isn't going to be the most fashion-y post ever.
But it's still pretty cute.
My little scholar!
If you think these jams are dirty here, you should have seen them after I let Cruz crawl around the backyard all morning. 
No, no you shouldn't have seen them.
During middle school, my girlfriends and I read a Seventeen magazine article about "icy blue and chocolatey brown" being the hottest color combo for the season. 
I don't really know why, but something about that struck our funny bone.
Was it because they tried to sexy up two super normal (boring) colors?
Was it because the idea of a color combo being hot is kind of ridiculous?
Was it because fashion was not the high point of the mid '90s?
Who knows. But Cruz is definitely rocking some icy blue and chocolatey brown today.

I have a feeling that I'll be taking a lot of action shots from now on.
Whenever I place Cruz on the ground and then get in position to take a picture, I hear a "slap slap" of little paws hitting the ground and then I get a big faceful of this:

I love everything about this picture.
The sweaty nap hair.
The bum and belly that are straining against the clothes.
The Andy Bernard dress alike contest that Cruz is apparently entering...

Time to say goodnight!
Regular kisses from me, and slobbery open-mouth kisses from Cruz...


  1. Somewhere between baby and toddler, Cruz looks like he's about to tell someone what is up for taking his soccer ball on the playground {in the Andy Bernard dress alike contest}

  2. Ha! You are so right. He has a pretty sassy pout.


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