August 29, 2011

i wrote this while watching bachelor pad, so... there's that

today i was having all kinds of first world problems.
like, pine nuts were $8. does that even make sense?
and, do i counteract buying organic if i have to leave the car running for twenty minutes before going into the store because the baby finally fell asleep and nothing no nothing will convince me to wake him up?

i was walking through trader joe's on monday evening
which everyone knows is the worst time to go to trader joes.
there are no lovely elderly ladies who squeal over cruz toes.
it's too busy for the checker to volunteer to load my groceries.
i was mad about the pine nuts and the lack of old ladies.
i was thinking snarky thoughts
when suddenly i recognized that these thoughts were not pleasing to the Lord.

pleeeeaseeeee, i said.
make me think nicer things.

we got in line to check out and cruz was on the verge, the literal brink of his first public meltdown.
i was feeling desperate, martha!
and then, my old friend sarah stepped into line behind us!
friends, do you know someone who just beams goodness and light and fun?
that is sarah.
we lived next door to each other in college, and i was blessed to be her r.a.
cruz immediately turned on the charm (hello, lady!) and i got to reconnect with a friend. 
so it all turned out great,
even if we didn't get those pine nuts. 
yes, charming like this. even if we didn't take this picture today. 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. comment fail. lets try this again: both of those FACES are just so darn precious!

  3. Sorry I didn't warn about the pine nuts. I used to buy them in bulk at Costco and forgot just how expensive they are otherwise :( certainly a pesto making deterrent. But you can lower the proportion you use and save them for your next batch or to toast and add to salad or veggies or something to get more bang for your buck.

  4. Haha! We are still having pesto this week. :) Wish you were closer so we could cook in bulk together! (that is to both of you-- fabulous cooks!). xoxox


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