August 22, 2011

Breakfast with Cruz

There is a lot of buzz about dinner being the family meal
but that just doesn't always work for us.
Tov is usually done working after Cruz goes to bed,
and I like to eat with my husband.
So for this season of life, the family dinner is hard to come by.

But breakfast, sweet breakfast!
"Jesus said, 'Breakfast is ready.'" 
That's in the Bible, y'all.

At around 7am you will find Cruz and I sitting at the table together.
I eat cereal or Greek yos.
He eats banana and oatmeal.
We talk about what we'll do that day.
I make our to-do list.
We turn on a great music playlist or maybe catch up on The Daily Show.
When I give my opinions about world, Cruz agrees with everything I say.
He's cool like that.

Breakfast has become our sweet morning tradition. 
That and the resulting bath that breakfast seems to necessitate. 

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  1. Cruz is so darling and what a winning smile! Breakfast time is good time to be together.


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