August 15, 2011

the kind of day

the kind of day in which:
 i go from jammies to sweats to leggings unapologetically
 i realize that there is no calling in sick anymore
 cruz and i fall asleep in the guest room watching early morning television 
i am thankful that God created drive-through coffee shops, and am humbled that i used to make fun of people for using them
 i specifically head to trader joe's when i know it will be empty, only to dodge the client i recognize (see above, leggings)
capital letters are too much effort
my son bursts into tears when i fish not one but two half-eaten dog kibbles out of his mouth (baby-led weaning, y'all!)
i am thankful that there is nothing more pressing on my to-do list than "watch the bachelor pad at 8pm"

but it does turn out to also be the kind of day in which i catch cruz giving himself kisses in the mirror...


  1. 19 years into this mommy thing and I still find that days at home in pjs with my boys bring some very special, quietly meaningful little moments. These days/moments don't come very often - enjoy them! Give Cruz some kisses on the back of that yummy little neck for me!

  2. Oh so funny! Not a laugh at you kind of funny but laugh with you kind of funny :) E is only 8 months old and we can't leave the dog water on the ground because she likes to play in it. And I live in sweats- still, at first it was a pregnancy thing, then a I-just-had-a-baby-thing, but now it's just a thing :) And the Bachelor Pad, I am dying at that show, I can't believe I watch it and get sucked it! But I can't help it- train-wreck!

  3. Thanks, Aunt Carol! Will do. :)

    Stephanie: I can't believe I admitted to watching Bach Pad in public. :P Becoming a work-at-home mom has done terrible, terrible things to my sense of style! In general, I have a "rule" about no yoga pants in public, but it's a rule made to be broken. Thanks for reading!


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