November 24, 2010

What He Wore on Wednesday

In the past two days, Cruz has outgrown two outfits. It's enough to make my heart break! So I've decided to start documenting his outfits-- enjoy!

Good morning!

After bathtime

Cozy onesies--
finally fitting into 0-3 clothes

Is there anything cuter than a lion bum?

Auntie Ani made Cruz a bowtie!
That might be cuter than a lion bum.

All swaddled for naptime with Auntie Ani

Not happy because it's 5pm, the "witching hour" for babies

Bedtime in transportation jammies

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  1. why can't i make a normal face in a cruz picture??? good thing his face is so stinkin' cute no one will be looking at me :) Love you and love the blog! keep up the great work mama!


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