November 29, 2010

Confessions of a New Mama

Seven weeks ago today Cruz was born. Crazy, I know. The last seven weeks of pregnancy were loooong, let me tell you. So were the first seven. And the seven after that. I wish these weeks would slow down to the same pace! For me, these seven weeks have been packed full of learning; learning about baby and learning about me.

I can put on all of my make-up with one hand. Except eyeliner. If you invent a one-handed eyeliner, I guarantee you'll make millions.

If I am nursing at 3am and decide to watch TV in order to stay awake, it is guaranteed that I will buy whatever you are selling on your infomercial.

If one website says that 7 week old babies should be working on a developmental milestone that three other sites haven't mentioned, I will spend the next few days working on it, before remembering that this will turn me into a crazy person.

This is the most consistent I've ever been about reading Scripture. We are through the book of John and most of Romans. 

I kind of like the smell of baby poop.

I love talking to Cruz in Portuguese. However, I am only consistent with about 10 phrases. Cruz will know how to identify members of the family and order food in a restaurant.

Psalm 139 reduces me to tears.

I have the attention span of a seven year old boy. 

Giving birth was exhausting, fast, and early. While it eventually came, I did not feel that initial rush of love that I had been expecting. I felt insanely guilty over this until I started talking to other new mamas who had felt the same way and remembered to give myself the grace to have my own Mama experience. 

I wish there was some sort of headband that boy babies could wear. 

Cruz, I cannot believe how much you've taught me in the last weeks. Baby Boy, you are a joy and a blessing. Happy Seven Weeks Old!


  1. Prima, it is such a joy to read your posts! You are doing an amazing job and I wish I was closer to see Baby Cruz more often but i'm constantly thinking about you all.
    Much love and blessings to you, primo and baby cousin.


  2. 7 weeks plus one day ago... we were shopping and drinking Blenders, while watching wonderfully trashy TV... Good thing you can still do those same things with Mr. Cruz - man! Xoxo, love you!

  3. Hold on I have never heard those Portuguese sentences! I'm gonna be waiting to hear that! Happy 7 weeks priminho!!! Julia is 11 weeks today, and oh yeah those weeks fly by, it makes me want to cry tears of joy when I look at her very first picture it's the one I looked at my precious girl for the first time, oh boy, God is good!!! I've been thinking of you often, and little Cruz is prayed for very often as well, love you lots :)

  4. You all are so sweet! It's been wonderful to be on this journey with so many wonderful aunties and tias for Cruz!

  5. Hey! Seven-year-old boys can be VERY focused...with the right stimulus!


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