November 15, 2010

Everyday I Love You Just a Little Bit More

Cruz Justin, impossibly, you are one month old. Because you won't remember this time, here are some things you love about your life:

  • Eating. You have become a champion eater. After an initial shaky start, you have mastered the art of eating and will do so at every given opportunity.
  • Sleeping. God has blessed us with a sleeper! Not to brag too much about you, but the last two nights you have only woken up one time. Your mama is thankful.
  • Activities. The second we place you down on your activity mat, you are enchanted. Your mama likes to eat breakfast and squeeze in a mini workout while you stare at all the hanging toys. She also believes that you've discovered that hitting the toys will make them move. You are very advanced.
  • Going in the car or stroller. More often than not, you are out like a light the second we place you in the car seat.
  • Smiling. You love to smile! When you hear us laughing, you get a huge grin on your face. Your mama spends a lot of her day getting you to smile.
  • Taking a bath. You absolutely hate getting your diaper changed, but for some reason are totally relaxed in the tub.
  • Snuggles. Whether it's in the carrier, sling, swaddled or in our arms, you are a sucker for closeness.
It seems impossible, but I think I love you more every single day.

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