July 1, 2013

nature hunt

it was lovely on saturday morning. the baby was sleeping, but cruz was itching to get out of the backyard. i had to quick think of an activity that would keep him happy and interested, but also keep us close to home. i grabbed a pen, paper, my camera... and the Cruz & Mommy Nature Hunt was born!
we've gotten cruz very excited about checklists (the child of two "j's" for the myers-briggs inclined out there), so i made a little checklist of items a two year old might easily find in our cul de sac. feather, ant, purple flower, listen for a bird. when cruz found something, he'd delightfully check it off the list and then we'd take its picture. we used our senses to see, hear, and touch. cruz was even inspired to help our neighbors put some leaves into their yard waste bin! i love these sweet mornings with my son.

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