July 3, 2013


what we did in june... at least according to instagram

 // we brought london rae home from the hospital and went all in on an all-pink lifestyle.
 // cruz didn't believe that having a newborn was any reason for us to stay in bed and watch movies for the next two weeks... so within a few days of london's birth we were back to our normal days: playing in the backyard and in the creek
 // my mom and my best friend came to visit. lovely! they both excel at loving my kiddos.
 // things to do while london's nursing: turn mommy into a human jungle gym, practice nba teams (cruz knows all nba, mlb, and most professional soccer teams)
// things to do while london's nursing: climb on forbidden furniture, take 500 selfies
 // dark haired beauty
 // we may have named her london, but she turned out to be way more brazilian than cruz
 // our first family-of-four road trip!
 // i LOVE having a girl (and ps: i want both of these outfits in my size)
 // lots of big brother adjustments; we're dealing and still having fun together
// we finished off june with some gorgeous summer weather and a {wonderful} visit with our cousins

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  1. awww. I think it looks like a fun month for your family of 4!


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