July 8, 2013

our old fashioned fourth

it was a fourth of july miracle: i was dressed and so were both of the kids. we were at the grocery store picking up chips and dessert for later in the day, and as i walked them in (cruz in the cart, london in the moby), i thought, "we're out already; if we don't stay out, we will never leave the house again." so with a growing sense of carpe diem, we headed over to the old fashioned fourth at nearby rancho la patera! it was full of old-timey goodness: lemonade, old dudes playing banjos, sweet kids games, and depression-era jalopies. add in a tri-tip sandwich, seeing a friend around every corner, and the fact that the whole world is color-coordinated on july fourth... well, i'll consider this one a win. 

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  1. Fun to see you there! Good job, Mama -- getting out with 2 is no joke!


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