July 15, 2013

seven years

in seven years of marriage, we have been blessed to travel the world together. we've stamped our passports in brazil, mexico, canada, and twice in the u.k. we regularly have conversations that start with, "when we go to madrid" or "when we're in brazil for the world cup" and "should we add germany to our list?" the world is a big place, and i love seeing it with you by my side.

but our marriage is truly made up of the little things, the joy you bring to my everyday. today i came home from daycare drop off and you had reheated my coffee. you leave me a big chunk in our pint of ice cream. you give cruz a bath without me asking. you thank me. you challenge me. you make me laugh. you make our small everyday so beautiful and so loving. truly, i want for nothing.

happy anniversary, tovi. here's to seven times seventy more.


  1. This is so sweet :) Happy Anniversary!

  2. happy anniversary! this is the sweetest. i hope you're blessed with many more years with your sweet husband.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on 7 years! It really is the little things that are the big things, huh? P.S. I love that you guys too "say when we travel to ...." : ) On our list--- Portugal, Amsterdam, Barcelona- again (for obvious reasons) Brazil and Peru!


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