July 19, 2013

what {they} wore on wednesday

wednesday was one of those in and out, this way and that way days that just seem to make up our normal lately.
now that cruz sleeps in a toddler bed, i often find him sitting in the rocker with big lion. on wednesday morning he was keeping busy by counting to five. and wouldja look at those eyes? i tell you, that is a perceptive soul.
waking up this scrumptious little peanut is one of the highlights of my days. i love all her stretches and the way that her legs still tuck up close to her body. when she's getting ready to wake up, she sounds like a wheezy old man. it doesn't matter how many headbands i dress her in, those sounds are decidedly unladylike. 
on wednesday morning i did some work while cruz played and lo napped. then we headed to our neighborhood wading pool for a fun playdate with other mamas and babies from our MOPS group. it was so so fun (thank you for planning it, jenny!). the kids played and splashed, and the mamas sat around the edge, dipping our toes in the water, grabbing strawberries and peeling string cheeses, laughing and catching up. this is really the sweet pinch-me stuff of life.
london is getting more aware and expressive by the day! i love this sweet romper (thank you, aunt carol!) (and thank you, tovi, for the eyebrow-raising genes)
i love this shirt from gap kids (they've been killing it in the toddler boys style department this summer). i love those shoes (also from gap kids-- like crocs but less croc-y). however, upon looking at these pictures, i can tell that my dressing cruz philosophy has lately consisted of me grabbing the first complete outfit i can get my hands on without worrying about color and style. yup. none of this matches, but he's dressed and clearly happy to be outside playing basketball. 
in the afternoon, london and i headed downtown for a women's networking event. i normally feel very awkward in these situations-- my small talk skills could use some help! so pro tip: bring your cute baby in the moby wrap. she'll be a great conversation starter and you will be super committed to your job by doing it. leaning in!
then it was a quick trip home for jammies and back out again for a MOPS steering committee meeting. happy girl! happy wednesday!


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  2. Your kids are sooo darn cute!! I hope to meet them and you at church sometime soon!


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