June 25, 2013

while you were napping

dear sweet children,

children! two of you! yesterday you both slept in the car while we drove home from cousin teka's wedding down south. it was our first road trip as a family of four, and you did a great job. minimal crying, minimal meltdowns. many rounds of "i spy" for cruz, and a couple of nursing stops for london. just between us, this trip finally convinced me that our minivan is our best purchase to date. while daddy and cruz picked up burgers, london and i tucked ourselves into the back third row for nursing (her) and candy crush (me). it was comfortable, private, luxurious even, compared to nursing in our other car.

you both napped and tovi and i got to talk. talk about things beyond, "can you pass me that burp cloth?" and "i need a snack, NOW!" (nursing makes me hungry and being hungry makes me grumpy) we asked each other questions like, "where do you want us to be in five years?" and "what are your next goals?" we love dreaming big dreams for our family, for you, and you gave us the space (and silence) to do it.
sometimes our dream for our family involves breakfast.
you both napped and we laughed quietly every time your heads would flop forward. because cruz is on a big peter rabbit kick, we were inspired to call you "flopsy" and "miss flops" the whole drive. genetically, it seems that we have failed to pass along strong necks to you both. sorry about that.

little ones, you are so so loved.

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