June 12, 2013

what we're into lately

+ reading: london: a novel. when i saw this book on simple mom's summer reading list, i knew it would be on mine too! in london, the city is the main character, and her story is told from the beginning of time. it's a different type of novel than what i usually pick up, but i love the history of this city.

+ apps: what to expect: baby. i tried quite a few newborn tracking apps, and this one is my favorite. i used it for our first week home to track diapers and feedings before we settled into a little routine. the fun stat it gives you is the cumulative amount of time spent breastfeeding-- five to six hours a day, friends! we're serious about nursing around here.

+ watching: i realize that i'm about ten years late to the party on this, but holy moly the west wing.  i finished the last episode during our 5am feeding, and i am so sad about it. after seven seasons, i know these characters and care about them to an unreasonable degree. anyone else feel that way? c.j. cregg for my new best friend? so next i'll be watching call the midwife. during the first ten minutes of that show, i was dismayed to realize that a prenatal exam has not changed at all since 1957. i mean, not. at. all.

+ eating: anything i can get my paws on. also, an inordinate amount of dark chocolate. i would like to find some healthy snack choices as our pediatrician would like me to cut back some on dairy for the next few weeks while london's digestive system matures (plus i'm not sure that the amount of dark chocolate i've been consuming lately works with my goal of being a healthy, energetic mama). what are your favorite go-to sources for simple, healthy food?

+ amazon: love being back in newborn mode! our latest amazon order included wipes, dipes, pacis, and laundry detergent. i think that sums up life these days.

+ infomercials: in order to stay awake during middle of the night feedings, i often watch tv (see: the entire west wing series). during my solo night in the hospital, i ended up watching infomercials. you guys, i can get talked into buying anything at 3am. right now, i am convinced that my life would be perfect with this makeup.


  1. Ahhhh. Love the newborn stage. And I LOVED Call The Midwife. I won't spoil it for you, but I found myself PRAYING for one of the characters in the season 2 finale. Unreasonable much?

    Also, there is a new show that I watched the premiere of on hulu (and can't seem to find it now) about a comedienne who has a 2 year old son and now explores different kinds of motherhood in each episode. In one, she is asked what supplements she is taking and she says, "you mean, besides chocolate?" =)

    Have fun with your babes!

  2. while i enjoyed this post, i must complain about the lack of london pictures.

    melanie, that show is called "take me to your mother."

  3. I've never in my life eaten so much chocolate as I do now after having my first. And I can't believe how hungry I always was while nursing. My go-to, always had to have in the car, at home, at work was almonds, either raw or roasted. They're a quick handful of fat and protein when you need the kick (I also ate more double cheeseburgers than I should admit, but those days are over). Mozza cheese sticks are a regular feature in our house now too. Then there's apples with peanut butter..

    Congrats on your beautiful baby girl. = )


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