June 17, 2013

a mother of action

i laid on the couch, listening to kat lee's "inspired to action" podcast and tried to avoid getting up to get cruz from his nap. (yes, i see the irony) on this particular episode, kat talked about becoming a "woman of action," instead of a woman of inspiration, and i decided to put it into - yes, exactly - action.

earlier in the day, before i turned on the podcast, i laid on the couch (newborn life!) reading through twitter and my favorite weekend blogs, and i started to feel overwhelmed. information and inspiration were hurtling towards me and i let it all in with no filter. the sheer volume of it all made it impossible for me to process and understand most of it. and certainly i wasn't going to digest or act on any of it. i don't want my summer to fly by just because i didn't act.

so i made a decision. each month, i want to make three parenting goals, and share my progress on them with you here. we just had a baby, so i am going to focus on these first goals for six weeks, instead of four. you know how i feel about giving grace.

1. expand cruz's food palate.
    goal: this kid wants to eat cereal bars and strawberries all day long. it's not sustainable. i'm tired    to going to fun restaurants and bringing along a peanut butter & jelly sandwich because i know he won't try any new foods.
2. establish morning and evening routines for cruz.
    goal: ok, we have routines but they are very loose. cruz has needed a lot of structure since london was born, and i think having a firmer routine to his day will help him to feel more secure. i want him to know what to expect when he gets up in the morning and goes down to bed a night.
london's goal is to be chunky and adorable
3. more hands-on activities. 
    goal: cruz gets a little stuck on certain activities (right now it's basketball). as he's not in preschool yet, it's my job to keep introducing him to new learning opportunities. i think this summer will be a great time to do that plus it will keep me accountable for spending quality time with cruz in the middle of this baby transition.

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