June 10, 2013

what {they} wore on wednesday

when it comes to wednesdays, we are suddenly double the outfits, double the fun. and because we play hard, there are many, many outfits to show!

our june gloom melted away for a moment, and cruz started the day outside with some coloring and picture taking.

and by "outfit" for london, i actually mean nakey time. 

just until we put on this little number:

later in the morning we loaded up the van and headed to the natural history museum. every time we go i am more convinced that it is one of those thin, magical spaces between heaven and earth. the sunlight is always perfect, the creek is crystal clear and cold. we could stay all day. i think cruz agrees.

after naptime, cruz and i made chalk roads in the backyard for his mini cooper.
we are slowly but surely adjusting to being a family of four. looking forward to many more sweet summer wednesdays!

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