June 6, 2013


she's here! she's here! our sweet little london rae arrived last week. she's a delightful 8.5 pounds and clearly you can see that one of those pounds is just hair. she's a dream baby, seriously. chubby and cuddly; there's no better combination. we'll keep her for a long, long time.

we were snuggling in bed the other day, and it hit me all over again-- we have been entrusted with the sacred stewardship of this soul. she is ours to love and protect, to pray over and shepherd. she is a tiny little thing, so fresh from heaven, facing a dark and confusing world. i want our home and our family to be a safe place for her to grow and thrive and learn that she is a precious child of God.

welcome to the world, london.


  1. She's here! And she's perfect! And I love her name! Wishing you all the very best as you settle into a rhythm as a family of four. Xoxo.

  2. It's because she's perfect! My arms are itching to cuddle her!!! - Chrystal

  3. SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!!! Congrats girl!


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