March 1, 2013


according to instagram in february we:
+ got serious about simplifying (and it's been a process and life giving)
+ learned the hard way that apple-eating is a learned skill for toddlers
+ tovi went to a conference for the weekend and while he was gone i ate an absurd amount of chocolate peanut butter cupcakes from trader joe's and watched a 'catfish' marathon (this show is so sociologically interesting. omg. these people)
+ my pyrex exploded in the oven and we had to order burritos
+ cruz got serious about sports
+ for the first time in my life, i got serious about valentine's day and it was super fun! doing that again next year
+ gosh, my boy is getting handsome
+ also, he is learning to climb fast and well
+ more basketball, more outside backyard adventures
+ and if you're interested in getting your heart absolutely destroyed for Jesus (and learning how to make room for Him in our crazy materialistic culture) read '7,' grab some good friends - and boxes for all the stuff you'll realize you don't need - and prepare to do some good, hard work in your heart.


  1. SEVEN! I want to live closer to you and go to coffee and talk about this book. I've been sitting on it for 6 months since I read it, but now that we're moving, I feel like it's a perfect time to revisit it again.

    P.S. Please tell me you are reading Bread and Wine for an upcoming blog post.

    1. I am! I am! I can't wait to host a dinner party. :D

      I am super glad to be doing 7 as a Bible study and not just reading it on my own. It helps to have community around while tackling all these projects.

  2. SEVEN is crazy. That is all.

    1. Seven IS crazy! But also amazing and heart transforming and I'm on day 5 of only 7 items of clothing. :)


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