March 8, 2013

what {we} wore on wednesday

tovi and i are both self-employed, so our natural family rhythms look a little different than most families. some days tovi is gone long before the sun is up, but some days we are able to get up at the same time and spend a little of the morning together. those are the mornings when we go wake  cruz up and hang out in his room for awhile. 
cruz's morning routine goes like this: wake up, crawl out from underneath the blanket, throw all animals out of the crib, sing "twinkle twinkle little star" until mommy comes in.
sometimes i'll hear him giving directions, willing us to come in. 
"mommy opens the door? get out the crib?"
have mercy, how could you not love saying good morning to this ray of sunshine?

 every once in awhile, cruz gets a little idea in his brain and nothing can talk him about of it. so even though it was 7:30am and even though it was raining, all he could think about doing was stepping on all the drains in our cul de sac.
two is kind of a weirdo age.

i put him in clothes that could get wet and dirty and i somewhat grudgingly took him outside. 
"these are good drains!" he yelled, stepping on each one. we did this for about thirty minutes. 


dress that bump!

+ maternity dressing has gotten a lot easier lately because a couple of good friends just had their babies and passed along their maternity clothes to me. those red pants are like the sisterhood of the traveling maternity pants because they look amazing on everyone, regardless of size.

{happy weekend!}

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