March 3, 2013

the backyard

my friend anna and i have a saying: all problems disappear outside. (ok, i don't know if it's a saying... but we say it). problems disappear outside. outside is like toddler management magic. 
so obviously when it was warm and sunny and we (i) needed to get out of the house, i quick texted anna for a spur of the moment playdate at the natural history museum's backyard.
the backyard is a fairly wild stretch of land. it has a creek and a waterfall, rocks, dirt and wood chips. it has large sticks. it is a dream.

our little guys threw rocks in the creek (well, mason may have thrown himself into the creek, but that would surprise no one). anna and i talked about God and community and fashion and a million topics you'd never think we'd be able to cover while simultaneously rescuing small lads from precarious situations. but that's the kind of friend anna is. 

and because all problems disappear outside, there was very little crying or whining or even mama stress. and when that warm sun hits your skin and the wood chips smell like your college campus and your boy is being adorable and your friend is speaking truth, well, that's just a blessing. 


  1. Becca, this makes me hope and pray for other mom friends who will do trips to the playground and hang out while our kids play. Such a beautiful picture of friendship, motherhood and being outside : )

    1. Michelle, I'll pray that for you too. :) I am really excited to see raising a baby in Guatemala through your eyes. It's going to be amazing and crazy and blessed.


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