March 26, 2013


yesterday afternoon cruz and i went for an adventure (aka errands). we deposited checks at the drive-through atm, we checked our work p.o. box and then i asked cruz if he'd like to go to the park. he turned and ran out of the post office yelling, "hoops! hoops! basketball!" so we went to find a basketball court.

at the park near our house there are two basketball courts. some high school guys were playing on one, so we ran around on the second, but mostly watched the other players, which is probably as creepy as it seemed. coming off a weekend of indulging in march madness basketball with my dad, cruz was able to offer up a lot of helpful commentary to them:
+ that boy missed the ball!
+ the red boy did the dunk
+ cruz is on this court and those boys are on the other court
+ that's the big ball

cruz liberally sprinkles italics into his speech.
i can't imagine where he gets it from.

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