March 20, 2013

what {we} wore on wednesday

good morning, lovelies!
per our usual schedule, cruz and i started out the day with some basketball-jammie time. 
 i especially love the last picture.
"okay, paparazzi. picture time is over."
{um yes, that is a marker unibrow}

and then it was on to the next daily activity... stomping on drains!
big lion came with us this time, so it was an extra-special drain stomping morning. 
hanging out in the front of the house has given us the extra bonus of talking to our neighbors on a very regular basis. 
this morning cruz told one of our neighbors that "big lion is a friend."
lunchtime. no nap time. quick shorts and shoes change and...
more. drains. 
 a note about this shirt... we just picked it up at gap, and it is size 3t, so you can go ahead and imagine me weeping into his itty bitty baby onesies. 
there is no getting around it: my baby is growing too quickly.

dress that bump!

+ who has an outie bellybutton and takes super awkward selfies? this girl!
+ please pay attention to the yoga-pants-and-mens-t-shirt pic, because sometimes that's just as good as it gets.
+ i have definitely reached the stage when people (strangers) just make comments about the belly size and i get a lot of tummy pats. 
+ i'm down to about three shirts i feel like wearing, but have lots of summer dresses waiting in the wings. come on, warmer weather! 
{happy wednesday, y'all}


  1. Cruz is so cute!
    I love the maxi dress!!

  2. Becca, you and the bump are looking quite fashionable! It's been sunny and warm here and I am convinced that Maxi-dresses are a pregnant woman's best friend. None of this over the belly, under the belly, tugging on shirts business. Wishing you warm weather and lots of cute maxi dresses : ) I just got two at Target (online) and love, LOVE them. Not even maternity dresses just long, flowy and super comfy.


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