February 26, 2013

car wash

when it comes to being a mom, there is nothing so good for your self-esteem as having a one year old boy. you are an absolute rock star in his eyes, his one and only, his true love. it's the best.
but time goes on and one year olds turn into two year olds. even if two happens to be the best age yet (and it is!), mamas aren't quite the center of the universe as they once were. 
because little boys discover that they have dadas. really, really awesome dadas. 
dadas who play every single sport, who wrestle, throw tennis balls against the side of the house, who make up silly games, and are waaaaay better at bath time than the mama. 
everything tovi does cruz wants to do too. and i don't even mind, because aside from having a clean car, tovi is the best dad i could imagine. 

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  1. Oh I wish it was warm enough here to wash the car...we are digging out of the snow for the..well let's not even mention how many times....ha!

    I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more :) I am your newest follower too!


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