February 3, 2013

simplify saturday

on friday morning, cruz and i both woke up cranky and feeling yucky. our moods didn't improve as the day went on, and i was really feeling the burden of tovi leaving on friday night for a weekend conference. 

we needed a reset, quick, before our weekend alone turned into a disaster.

as he was leaving, tovi pulled me into a hug and gave me this incredibly needed reminder:
you are pregnant. you are growing a baby right now. your body is spending all of its energy and brainpower growing our girl, and if you're not at the top of your game right now, you need to accept that. 

hard to hear, but so true. 
i cancelled all of our weekend plans and decided that my job as mama of this family was to slow us down and only make choices that would {speak life} to us, even if it was just for one day.

we cleaned to the sounds of brazilian jazz. we played in the backyard for hours. we sat on the neighbor's front lawn to watch some construction. baths were given midday. so many cupcakes were eaten.

and at the end of it, i felt rested and well. i felt ready for the week ahead. slowing down and taking a sabbath and giving God glory in the midst of it was downright worshipful. so i just went with it. after all, God has given me this home as a sphere of influence. i can be the queen, the ceo, the captain of the ship, the shepherd. and on saturday, me and my little sheep needed a rest. 

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  1. Good for you! Your grandma gave me the same advice once when I was feeling bad about some dead house plants (among other things that I felt I should be doing better). She reminded me that I was growing little boys. They were more important and I could grow house plants when they were grown up. Remember that you need to show yourself the same grace you extend to others.


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