February 6, 2013

what he wore on wednesday

good morning, cruz-man! is it a little early for pictures?
it was so sunny and warm(er) today that at one point we just ran out of the house for a quick walk around the neighborhood. it wasn't planned and we didn't really have time for it, but suddenly there we were, outside. sometimes you just have to obey the spirit and go.
 cruz was rocking his tool shirt and red shoes today. 
 and this was the moment that cruz spotted the garbage truck. joy, pure joy. 
 so we stopped awhile to watch them work. meet cruz, your friendly neighborhood supervisor. 
cruz has been growing like a weed lately. clothes that he received as christmas presents that were supposed to last all year fit him perfectly. doesn't he look like a real big kid here? i know when the baby comes he'll look so grown up.
speaking of baby...
... my cousin thais sent us this precious outfit. she's the mom of two girls, so she knows her way around dresses and bows. honestly, that cardigan is the size of my hand. who remembered that babies start so small? (and yes, for those of you keeping score at home, this means that 100% of baby girl's outfits are blue-and-white striped. we're going to keep it that way, right?)
here's how i'm dressing the bump these days:

 a few notes on maternity dressing this week:
+ i am getting very tired of my clothes and am also resisting the urge to buy too much more
+ when i was pregnant with cruz, i feel like my non-maternity shirts took me much further into my pregnancy, but these days they aren't really cutting it
+ good thing i have three pairs of tory burch flats because apparently i wear them everyday. worth. every. penny. 
+ we are officially in "outie" zone!

happy wednesday!


  1. Please wear top left or bottom middle on our date tomorrow. #notpregnantandstillsickofmyclothes. #afraidof7

    1. Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 made 6 stop shopping. #buythenewdiaperbagbeforesunday

  2. That pink top looks way better on you than it ever did on me!!! So glad we have long distance spoomie closet :)

  3. Becca, you and your bump look absolutely great! I didn't realize we're just a about a week apart!


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