February 8, 2013

the things we're into lately

it's almost the weekend, which means that it's time for laying around the house, cleaning the house, seeing friends, planning the next week, and all the other good things that weekends are for. i hope your's is lovely. here's what we've been into lately:

+ something kind of unnecessary that i want for the house: fridge coasters. so cute, right?

+ something i want to make this weekend: DIY chalkboard (dreaming big, i know)

+ something we're really into reading: frog and toad are friends. tovi thinks these books are boring, but i think they're clever and sweet. cruz loves them. so i win.

+ a post that made me say, "eschet chayil!": I Am Damaged Goods. i love sarah bessey's writing, and this piece was beautiful and brave. i loved the take-away of it-- there is nothing about us that God cannot redeem.

+ a video that made me cry: jj heller - who you are. one of my favorite authors and future best friends (right??) shauna niequist posted this video and i instantly became a fan.

+ something really delicious: creamy maple dressing. the first time i made this dressing, tovi paused and asked that we have a moment of silence for its goodness. we're kind of obsessed.

+ the etsy shop i'm ordering our baby bedding from: iviebaby. and you would too, right? so sweet and modern.

+ what's putting me on my high horse these days: hating on the "mom on your iphone." i've read several blog posts with this theme, and they make me mad every time. there's a post about it brewing in my mind, but it's not that grace-filled yet, so i'm not ready to write it. maybe next week?

+ what cruz prays for every night: "thank you God for bowling." that's the good stuff right there.

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  1. Well, you had me at "Fridge Coasters". I have never ever seen those and as soon as I finish typing this comment I will be assessing my fridge coaster needs quite seriously. Those are awesome.

    And I love JJ Heller so very much.

    Am enjoying your blog immensely.


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