February 20, 2013

what {we} wore on wednesday

oh wednesday, wednesday. today started like all the other days of the last few weeks-- with a small child begging to go outside and play basketball.
the fact that he's wearing christmas jams in february really adds a certain something, don't you think? i am not kidding you, these jams were huge on cruz in december. he's growing like a weed!  i guess all that costco oatmeal is really doing it's job.
honestly, i would have kept him in his pjs all day (that's how i was feeling about today), but we had errands to run, and the thought of taking him to trader joe's in christmas pjs was just too much. 
so i got him dressed. but me? oh no. sweatshirt i slept in. filthy yoga pants. unwashed face. as i knew would happen, obviously i ran into a friend, but fortunately it was ashley s who i'm guessing understands pretty well. we need friends that force us to get dressed, and we also need those friends that will embrace you in your mess. 
and cruz looked super cute!
he even figured out how to make the outfit better. 
 here's how the bump and i have been dressing!

 + major haircut! i've had the same haircut for the last ten years and i've been itching for a change. finally my best friend andrea said, "it's just hair. it grows back." she's always doing new and adorable things to her own hair, and it was beyond time to listen to her advice. 
+ sweatpants are really the only option once i'm done for the day. since there are still fifteen weeks to go (these pics go up to 24 weeks, but today is week 25), i think i'll be in a sorry state by the end of this pregnancy.

+ when i was pregnant with cruz, my belly button popped out one day when i sneezed too hard. this one slowly but surely made an appearance. are babies really that desperate for space that they need even our belly button spaces?

on my wishlist for baby girl:
this headband is from little hip squeaks and it makes me want to die from cuteness. 
well, that's all the wednesday i've got left in me.


  1. 1. Everett is still rocking Christmas jammies. He will wear them until they no longer fit.

    2. You look beautiful rocking that bump! And I love the hair!


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