May 2, 2012

bedtime prayers

when i started blogging, i promised myself that i wouldn't skate over the hard parts of life.
it is important to me that i be raw and real, to share the bad with the good.
but over the last few weeks, i have felt such a heaviness in my heart. i have only had the bad to write about, and i just couldn't bear to put the words down.


that has been the word on my heart lately.

do you know the accusing voice i'm talking about?
you're not good enough.
you don't take care of the house enough.
your health is not good enough.
after that woman asked, "how far along are you?" you knew you weren't thin enough. 
wife? daughter? friend? employee? not good enough.

so i've stayed quiet and waited for the voices to do the same. 

here's a voice i love to hear:

every night we pray with cruz.
we say, "thank you God for..." and then let him fill in the blank.
his prayers are both thrilling to my heart and hilarious.
tovi and i glance over his sweet, earnest head and hold in laughter while he prays.
"thank you God for..."

yes, amen. that is enough. 

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