May 9, 2012

What He Wore on Wednesday

waking up to a hot summer morning is one of my favorite things, and the last few days have been as summery as i could ever dream. however, as a month, may is a total tease. we get back into the rhythm of warm mornings, hot afternoons. we cook summer foods and all i want to wear are maxi dresses. 

and then june arrives. terrible, terrible gloom in june. 
let's live in denial for a few more weeks, yes?
here's to summer babies!
cruz has officially lost his baby look. this guy is all toddler now!

i think of the hours from 4pm-7pm as the fourth quarter of a football game. i'm exhausted. i've run out of activities. it's hot, but the team is relying on me to push through and the finish the game strong. we usually spend a good hour of the fourth quarter walking ("wah-KEEN!"). the path around our community is almost a mile around, and cruz walks the whole thing on delightful chubby toddler legs. every puppy, car, new friend, airplane is just as exciting as the one before. he absolutely amazes me in his capacity for enthusiasm. 

but if mama tries to get him to take a picture instead of letting him watch another car go by-- watch out. he's ready to throw down.
i spent the rest of our walk trying to get a happy picture of him, but he's too fast!
mama, boy, lion.
cruz loves letters and reading. he loves to point out all the letters on our walks. i am (almost) ready to forgive nine months of morning sickness because of his blossoming reading skills. 
settling in for some bedtime reading wearing spaceship jams. "you are special" is a new favorite for cruz (and an old favorite of mine). cruz calls it "waffle" which makes me question all the times he's asked for waffles for breakfast. tonight  i asked cruz to read the story to me. (this will make the most sense if you've read the book before, which you should). here are the cruz-notes: dot. star. cochello. sucia. shop. ye-li. why? o' course! made you. ground.

happy wednesday! xo. 

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  1. Quite the little vocabulary! And it feels like just a short while ago you were writing about how many consonant or vowel sounds he could utter!


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