May 14, 2012

awkward and awesome.


+ i've been filling in at my old job over the last few days. when i walked into the office this afternoon, i realized there was a series of stains across the middle of my skirt, right above the knees. the very same spot my son likes to bury his head.
+ a woman i had never met before made a comment assuming that i was pregnant after glancing at my tummy. i'm sorry. i'm just having a hard time getting over it.
+ that very same day, a woman laughed in my face when i told her i had a 19 month old son. "you're too young for a baby!" alright, strangers of america. if you're going to insult me, at least me consistent about it.
+ we got a basketball hoop for cruz today. i picked it up during our costco run. the hoop extends to six feet, so you already know that the box is much, much larger than me. i tried several ways to hoist it into the cart as a man walked by cracking up.
+ instead of reading one thousand gifts like you all suggested, i read we need to talk about kevin. will someone else please read it so that we can have a book club? it's super disturbing and i need to process it! basically, imagine a book about voldemort growing up as a muggle, and that's what kevin is about.


+ early on friday morning i was cleaning up our bedroom and cruz was reading in his room. suddenly, he ran into the hallway, little feet stomping with excitement when he got to the baby gate at the top of the stairs. "truck! truck!" he yelled at me. yup, the garbage truck had arrived. i scooped him up and we ran downstairs. alberto, our collector, gave him a high-five and invited cruz into the cab to "drive" while he unloaded the cans. dream. come. true.
+ fueled by comments from strangers (see above) i've been eating really well and working out more. i feel awesome.
+ cruz is learning so much every day and i have to work hard to stay ahead of him! he knows all his letters and a couple of sight words. this is my dream come true.
+ the bachelorette starts tonight. yes yes yes.
+ cruz does push-ups ("shush-ups") every day. when he gets done, he pumps his fist and yells, "nice!"


  1. Love your blogs, Becca. I love watching Cruz grow, too. Thanks. Carrie's mama Jill

  2. the tummy comment? yeah, that would have effected me for like a year. i dont know what she saw anyway, cuz i have seen you and i think you look fan freaking tastic.

    the too young for a mom

    i get asked literally 2-3 times a week if i am the kids babysitter, nanny, or sister. when i say i am their mother they look stunned and tell me i am way too young and then proceed to ask if i am mormon because i am married with babies so young. um, i am less than a year away from 30. k, thanks.


comments make my day. xo.

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